About the Website

Digital Delia dot com began life as frasdel.com in late 1999. However, for financial reasons, I lost that domain and purchased digitaldelia.com in 2002. This website's sole purpose was to be an online portfolio and profile for Delia Fraser.

Unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way of our plans, and Digital Delia dot com sat dormant for about 3 years.

But now, in 2009, its getting new life as I begin to fill out the pages once more!


Due to many hard drive crashes throughout the years, old layouts are not available to preview.

Digital Delia dot com is hosted by callsan.com (owned by my good friend, who was generous enough to let me have a little part of his space)

Layout comes from DDG
Programs frequently used (for the website and her creative works):

  • Photoshop CS
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Frontpage
  • Winamp (for the beats, yo)
  • About the Creator

    Delia is 31 and currently living in Colorado. She's a freelance artist and aspiring writer.

    Online, you may know her as Frasdel, Antidia, or Dia.

    She can be frequently found on Gaiaonline or playing World of Warcraft (on realm Kirin Tor).


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